behdash chemical co

behdash chemical co.

Shelf life of this product is in 2 years , if kept in closed bags protected from external contamination in cool and dry places  in Max. 49º C  with proper ventilation and dry condition .

Chemical Name : Ethylene Glycol Di Estearate

Commercial Name : Behda ED

Chemical Formula : CH3(CH2)16 COOCH2CH2OCO(CH2)16 CH3

The flash point of this product is more than 150º C and with strong oxidants shows reaction.  The materials resulted in thermal decomposition are : CO, CO2 ,and H2O

Conditions of extinguishing the fire. Corrosive effects : not corrosive when working with this substance , use gloves , mask and goggles . it irritates skin and eyes .

Properties Specification
Form Flake / Granule
Saponification Value 190.200 mg KOH/gr
Color Colorless tend to light yellow
Acid value 8Max
Iodine Value 2 Max
Free glycol content 3% Max
melting point (58-65)ºC
Water content 0.5% Max
In Chemical industries especially in manufacturing of hygienic and cosmetic products ethylene Glycol Di Estearate has various application such as below :manufacturing of shampoos and personal care product as the thickening agent in creams , cosmetics emulsions and medicinal ointments. As the stabilizer in cosmetic creams , medicinal ointments and waterless emulsions as emulsifier.