behdash chemical co

behdash chemical co.

In high temperature releases SO2 and SO3 . In contact with eyes and irritation and must be rinsed out with plenty of water . in contact with skin causes irritation dryness. Inhaling its vapors irritates nose , throat , and upper respiratory system . if swallowed , causes , nausea and diarrhea.
Keep in polyethylene or steel vessels away from freezing and light in cool (10º-30º C) place.
Chemical Name : Drilling Foam ( Type A& B) Commercial Name : Behdafoam
Properties Specification
Form liquid
Color Pale yellow
(Type A ) viscosity @ 25º C 200cps Max
(Type B) viscosity @ 25º C 170cps Max
Anionic active (type A) 14±0.2
Anionic active (type B) 7 Min
Anionic Active 9±0.2
PH (type B ) 8.5±0.2
Cloud Point ‹5º C
This product is designed specially for drilling machines . it is used for removing mud and soil from excavating machines when digging tunnels . it helps easier penetration of the drill in the soil . it is also used for removing dust form rocks when drilling . this product is compatible with environment and is biodegradable .