behdash chemical co

behdash chemical co.

When working with this substance , rubber gloves and goggles should be used . In case of contact with skin and eyes , rinse it out with plenty of water .
This product can be kept for one year in polyethylene drums. The lids must be thoroughly closed and the temperature must be 10º-49º C.
Chemical Name : Coco ampho acetate
Properties Specification
Dry material 34-36
Active matter 27-30
Sodium Glycol 1.8% Max
Sodium Cloride 7.6 % Max
Sodium mono chloro acetate 20 ppm Max
PH 20% 8-9.5

Ampho acetates depending on the PH may have anionic , cationic and even nonionic properties . these substances show interesting surface active properties such as good foam , suitable wetting quality and so on . they are also appropriately compatible with mild characteristics do not irritate the skin . They are widely used as secondary surfactants in personal care products .