behdash chemical co

behdash chemical co.

 Since this product is corrosive , must be kept in anticorrosive steel storage tank (304 or 316) away from moisture. If it is  kept in soft steel tank , dissolving of iron  may have undesired  effects on product color . Therefore , it is  necessary to paint the tank 's inner surface with  protective layer . It can be kept in polyethylene or steel drums far from light  and external particles in 5º-45º C for six months. The trace of hot water is used to regulate the temperature and ease the pumping considering  the  temperature limit , is very essential to control the viscosity of the product. Steel pipes must be used for transferring this product.

  Chemical Name: Branched Alkylbenzene  Sulfonic Acid

  Commercial Name: Behdacid D

  Chemical Formula: RC6 H4 SO3H & R:Branched & Average C12

In contact with skin and eyes causes burning and inflammation . Also Swallowing causes harsh burning of the digestive system. When carrying , use goggles ,protective,mask and gloves 

Properties Specification
Form Viscose liquid
Color Dark Brown
Odor Special
Free Oil 2.2% Max.
Free Sulfuric Acid 1.8% Max
Color (solution 4%) 160 klett Max
Anionic Active 96%±1
Acidity 180±5
 General detergent , foaming and wetting agent for industrial cleaners.