behdash chemical co

behdash chemical co.

Anionic surfactants

Behdapon N70 / N30

It is used as cleaning and foaming agent in powder and liquid detergents and personal care products.

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Behdacide L

Linear Alkyl Benzene Sulfonic Acid, which is used as raw material in formulation of powder and liquid laundry detergents, and dish washing liquids.

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Behdamin T

In detergents it is used as foaming and cleaning agent. Because of neutralization by Triethanol Amine, it has mild cleaning properties and is used in formulation of body and hair shampoos.

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It is used as cleaning and pearlizing agent in various kinds of shampoos, dishwashing and hand wash liquids.

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This mild anionic cleansing substance with good cleansing and foaming qualities is used in formulation of shampoos and other skin cleanser.

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Sulfosuccinate is Sodium Monoester or Diester Sulfosuccinic acid salt. Since it has mild properties it is used in baby shampoos.

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