Behdamid Mono

Chemical Name

Coconut Mono Ethanol Amide


MSDS   Specification

Molecular Formula


• Coconut Mono Ethanol Amide is a mixture of fatty acid amides which is produced from the fatty acids in coconut oil when reacted with ethanolamine. It’s a nonionic surfactant and foaming agent used as thickening agent in shampoos and bath products and is used as emulsifying agent in cosmetics such as creams. This substance has an important role in formulation of hand wash detergents, laundry powder and liquid detergents by improving foam stability, reducing the deposit on clothes and removing stains. In pharmaceutical industries, it is used as water-in-oil emulsifier. In textile industries, it is used in finishing process. It stabilizes foam for Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate at presence of fats in hard water. Great resistance to high alkalinity and solubility in oily materials (grease and fat) are important properties of this product. It is mainly used in Baby Care and Cleansing, Conditioning, Face Cleansing, Hair Coloring, Liquid Soap, Shampoo, Shower/Bath Products.